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Global Accrediting Commission For The Fivefold Ministry

G.A.C.F.M. was formed to bring together and set a new standard for those who are actively involved in the End Times Restoration of the Fivefold Ministry to the Body of Christ.

To understand better what the Commission does, we present here each aspect of our function for the benefit of those who have never heard of the Commission and are interested in becoming a part of the Call of God to bring His Church to maturity in these End Times in which we live:

Definition of The Fivefold Ministry

Teachings and views on the Fivefold Ministry abound in the Church, varying from teachings on Apostolic Succession to complete denial of the existence of the Fivefold Ministry. We have clearly defined what is meant by the term.

Accreditation By Governmental Bodies

Here we outline the problems associated with educational accreditation by Governmental Bodies and Legislations.

The Current Church System

Few in the Church would acknowledge the existence of a System that links with the past and is fast becoming obsolete. Here we explain how to identify the System.

Lack of Clear Teaching Standard

Whilst many have identified the need for change, no clear teaching standard has been established. Here we present the issues that we have considered in setting a new standard.

Lack of True Apostolic Structure And Leadership

Since the full restoration of the Apostolic Office is still in process in the Church, and the full role of Apostolic Fatherhood and Apostolic Teams not yet fully visible, we present here some basic concepts that must be considered.


A New Pattern Schematic

Although the full revelation of what the End Times Church will look like is still being unveiled, we present a schematic of where we are headed, and of the basic structure that all our members are committed to.

Terms and Conditions for Accreditation

All of our members are committed to upholding the terms and conditions for accreditation. Here we lay them out point by point so that all new applicants fully understand what is expected of them.

Executive Board Of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of men and women from different countries and different backgrounds. They are all fully involved as Apostolic Leaders in their own right, having qualified both through training and experience to help maintain the standard that is being established universally in the Church.

Application For Accreditation

Applications are welcomed from any Training Mechanism or Institution that fully embraces the standard established by this commission, and is prepared to commit to our terms and conditions.